The Fremont (Washington) Philharmonic

The Royal Fremont Philharmonic Orchestra, 160115

The Fremont Philharmonic is: (left to right, top to bottom)
Julia Kingrey, Bassoon; Kiki Hood, Bass, Kazoo, Human Theremin & Ukulele
Sasha Malinsky, Drums; Rosalyn de Roos, Clarinet; Marni Rachmiel, Alto Saxophone & Flute
David Barnes, Tenor & Soprano Saxophone and EWI; salamandir, tuba & sound effects;
Clayton Murray, Euphonium; Stuart Zobel, Guitar
other musicians include Melissa Underhill, Alto Sax & Flute; Chris Peterson, Clarinet;
Dave Cole, Trumpet, Cornet & Fluegelhorn; Naoyuki Sawada, Cavaquiño;
Photo by Macque DaVís
We are currently in desperate need of more musicians. Please contact us immediately for more detailed information.

Pyros On Parade and Tully's Coffee Stole My Dignity - two of our regular pieces of music.

The Fremont (California) Symphony Orchestra - another orchestra with whom we have been confused more than once (particularly by aspiring musicians who want to audition for us).

Freaky Photos from Trolloween, October, 2011

The Fremont Philharmonic at our parent organisation, Fremonstor Theatrical.

salamandir's fremont phil stuff

Contact us! - we need new blood!